The Crafting Process

100% Handcrafted

I make all products entirely by hand. No power tools, no heavy duty machinery, just handcraft. The leather is cut, then glued, after which any residue of glue or slight differences in the line up of the pieces of leather are eliminated by sanding them down by hand. Then I mark and prick the stitching holes after which the most time consuming and difficult part of the whole process starts. Hand stitching the item.

The Saddle Stitch

Getting the basics down of hand stitching maybe not that difficult, but obtaining the skill to produce a stitch that looks good at the front as well as at the back, not damaging the thread while stitching and getting the tension just right, is a whole other story. So would it not be easier to use a sewing machine? Probably. So then why stitch everything by hand?
Hand stitching is different in that it uses two needles that cross each other in every hole working therefore seperately of each other to keep the layers of leather together. This in contrast to the lock stitch produced by sewing machines, which interconnects in every hole. This fundamental difference makes hand stitching the strongest technique to stitch two or more layers of leather together.

The image from the book “The art of hand sewing leather” by Al Stohlman explains it in further detail.


The Finishing Touches

To finish up, all edges are burnished to a perfect shine and a homemade leather balm is applied for protection from the elements. After which the item is finally ready to be shipped off to you, to be enjoyed for many years to come.

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