My name is Matthijs Bastiaans. I am a dutch leather craftsman based in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, where I make my products entirely by hand with the best natural materials around.

Since I can remember I’ve been fascinated with antique, vintage and handmade goods. Clothes, shoes, bags, tools, ... Everyday
objects were you can see the thought, creativity and uniqueness from the
person that made them. For every piece is unique, every piece tells a story. Maybe because of the
materials used, it’s origin, or maybe the patina it gained over the years.
Whatever it may be this uniqueness adds more interest to the item and makes that I would never just dispose of it like I might do with a badly made, cheap, dime a dozen product.


So when I started making my own goods I wanted every object to be crafted the same way as when craftsmanship, creativity and quality where paramount. That’s why I make my products by hand. No power tools or heavy duty machinery, just one-man-powered tools. I want my goods to spread the enjoyment I feel while making them, and every stitch and cut to show that it was deliberately and mindfully made. to be in touch with every product as much as possible. To be in control every step of the creative process and to craft a more sustainable, ethical and ecological product. Synthetic materials just don’t age beautifully. A pair of leather shoes might take just as long to decompose as a nylon garment, but their life expectancy is a heck of lot longer when taken care of.

So it might be that no two items I make are exactly the same, that there might
be slight differences between them, but to be honest that is just what i was
looking for. And i hope so are you.

Matthijs Bastiaans